Wk 16 – Where’s The Love

One of our exercises in week 16 was to look for and do kindnesses.  For me this became a mission, because to be honest, I did not expect to see to many examples.  Now hold on; Mark, Davene, Sarah and the rest of you guides, before you email (comment) on that negative, OLD BLUEPRINT comment, I do realize where that came from, but I do need to be honest.

Well, to my delight, I was overwhelmed with the amount of kindness that people show each other everyday, it was just me not noticing.  No different than when you go and buy that brand new car in the color that “no one else has” and in the first week as you drive around your city you find that there are a lot of people driving the exact same model and color of vehicle you picked to be unique.  They were always there, they just weren’t there for you because you were not aware of them.  The same thing with the acts of kindness I observed.  Did people start being more kind to each other this particular week; no, I made a conscious decision to look for the virtue I desired to see and “PRESTO”, there was kindness everywhere.

The fact that over 300 of us were observing and doing acts of kindness all week, over 6000 were recorded.  The wonderful thing about this is now that I am aware, I know that I will forever see kindness where ever I go for the rest of my life.  What kind of world would we live in if more people started looking for and performing acts of kindness daily.  I don’t know about you but I am ready to find out.



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