Master Key WK 8  —  Connecting The Dots

I must confess that I have been having a rough time talking to the guy in the mirror.  The comments of the guides on the webcast hit home when they talked about how encouraged they were of the many stories of people’s ah ha moments and the growth they have seen, but also how surprised they were at the people that were not meeting requirements to stay in the course.  I am afraid I fit into the latter category, but I will have that rectified before we resume in Dec.

Week eight was a week of connecting the dots for me; reinforcing the reasoning behind the exercises we have been given thus far.  Reviewing 5 of the 7 Laws of the Mind and associating them with our exercises was very enlightening. From week one designing our DMP’s, doing chores by a set time, applying colours and shape, learning to sit, relax and imagine, reading 3 times a day, etc I have been unknowingly using the proven Laws of the Mind.

The mental diet exercise and the opinion exercise have brought an awareness to me of the way I actually DO think.  The most humbling exercise for me is talking to the guy in the mirror, but it has been the most enlightening.  It has shown me that my actions do not always align with my good intentions.

I know that the only way to realize my desires and goals of my DMP is to learn to utilize my imagination, hold those images in my mind and the power of my subconscious mind will provide an action plan to manifest every detail.  This is the road I wish to travel, by the Law of Practice I will learn to stay out of the ditch.

Still Chipping  — I always keep my promises.


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