Master Key Week 5


These words really jumped off the page as I read them in this weeks Master Key reading.  I have always considered myself a Christian, but to tell you the truth, I have always had a rough time understanding some of the verses in the Bible.  These words above I always believed to be when the teachings of the old testament became real (flesh) with the birth of Jesus.

When I read these word in the context they are used in Wk 5 it was a revelation to me.  I know we have been learning that we are what we think and we have control over what we think, but these words really sealed the deal for me.  I do believe that I am a spiritual being and previously believed that life just happened, god would guide me and I was just to graciously accept whatever happened.  I always wanted to serve God, but really didn’t understand how to.  Trying to be “good” and lead a “good” life and asking for forgiveness when I messed up was my idea of serving God.

I find it fascinating that we have been learning all along of the infinite connection we have through our unconscious mind to a supreme power,( for me, God), but it has taken this one short sentence that I recognized from the Bible to cement this awareness into my conscious mind.  The Bible also warns us about our spoken words, and how powerful they are.  They can be a blessing or a curse.

So we DO have a choice of the words we speak to our unconscious mind and those “WORDS WILL BECOME FLESH”.  Be very careful of the words you speak, for although we all have the ability to connect with and serve this awesome power it only happens by choice through the words and thoughts our “subby” receives.

Still chipping away!!

I always keep my Promises

Randy Logelin


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