Master key Wk 4

Ya Hoo!!   My DMP is coming together.  I feel that for the first time since I began, I finally have something down in writing that “I” can get excited about.  Learning about the real “I” this week has been an ah-ha moment for me. Realizing that ”I’ is not the my physical body or my mind, that both are simply instruments for the “I” to use to carry out it’s purposes and use to think, reason and plan.  The most amazing power the “I” has been given is the power to think.  Realizing this, I now see that “I” have not been using this power in an effective manner. Most of my life I have been worried about me.  My happiness, my well being.  Even when I was doing things for others or agreeing with their point of view, it was for selfish reasons. It was to be liked, which was to make me feel good about me. I am learning to take control of my thinking, blocking out all thoughts that do not fit in to my purpose in life and to be able to fully concentrate to the highest degree on any desire that is in harmony with the Universal (in my case,God); thus manifesting that desire into my life.

HOW, you may ask???  In the same way an athlete gains physical strength;  EXCERCISE!!!  Think a thought once, and it may seem impossible.  Think that same thought twice, it becomes a little easier to imagine. Keep thinking and visualizing that thought over and over again and soon it becomes a mental habit and eventually their is no longer any doubt; we know.

AM I THERE YET!!!   NOOOOOO!!   But do you want to know something.  With each new week of teaching, following the exercises, watching the videos and accepting mentor-ship (old thinking…. “if I can’t figure this out on my own, it’s not worth doing”), I am closer than I have ever been in my life to understanding how and why to change my thinking.

Still Chipping — might have allowed a little fresh cement this week, but no worries, I’ll wash it off before it drys.

…. I promise not to stop until I find gold….. AND



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