Master Key Wk 3

Excited to be here sharing my week with all of you. I came very close to packing it in as I became very frustrated with trying to sort out my DMP.  I have been in a few situations were I have been asked to give my reason “Why” or write out where and who I would be in the next 5 yrs. I always provided a superficial answer that filled the needs I had at that moment.  Needless to say my motivation did not last long as I never saw myself as that person five years down the road. The Master Key program helps you understand the importance of providing a precise and clear direction to begin programming into your subconscious mind. Thanks to this understanding and the patience, understanding and vigilant work of an awesome guide I know I am on the road to finding my TRUE desires and purpose that God has implanted in me since day one. Although I didn’t understand it at the time, picking my 2 PPN’s and working on integrating them into my DMP brought me to a very clear understanding that all 7 will be fulfilled when my DMP is finished. I am a very detailed thinking person, I have to know why I am doing something so I can be very careful to make the correct choices. (Drives my wife Wild). This program is teaching me to trust in something that is away beyond my power of reasoning. Seems a way to simple, not easy, but simple.

Thought I saw a tiny flicker of gold while shaving yesterday. I promise to keep chipping away the cement until light radiates from every part of my body!!

I always keep my promises.


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