Master Key Wk 2

I’m sure you have heard the saying “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  Well, this old dog is really finding it a challenge replacing old habits (that aren’t necessarily in my best Interest) with new habits that will teach me how access my true purpose.

This week I am learning the differences between the conscious and subconscious mind.  How the subconscious mind is responsible for making any and all of the true thoughts fed to it become reality.  The subconscious mind reacts to the thoughts that are fed into it, either from outside sources or from the conscious mind.  So the conscious mind becomes the gatekeeper of the thoughts that are allowed into the subconscious mind.  So as challenging as it may seem to me, I know that the only way I can change the results I am getting in my life is to change the programming of my subconscious mind.  The only way to do this is to replace my current way of thinking (old habits) with new thoughts (new habits) that are in line with the person I intend to become.  All I need to do now is to get that person clearly identified to my subconscious mind and the rest will be history.

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it!  NOT!!!  Trying to identify that person and put it in words so the conscious mind can clearly inform the subconscious mind and filter out all destructive thoughts is proving to be very difficult for me.  I have had the chance to get some feed back from my guide and I now realize that I will be confiding in her on a regular basis to get my DMP down on paper and finalized as soon as possible.  If you do not have a destination it is impossible to pick which road to travel.

I believe that I am just starting to realize how difficult this change is going to be.  I have no choice but to surrender to the simple exercises I have been asked to do each week and trust in the program and in myself.

Still chipping away the cement, excited to see who is inside.



2 thoughts on “Master Key Wk 2

  1. This i my second time through this and I am still struggling with the precise language to describe my intended self. Trust the process and keep at it. I am almost there now, because I want to be and am doing the exercises because I WANT to, not because they are required to maintain a scholarship.

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